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The Colonial Community Theatre Group, Inc.

A non-profit corporation organized to purchase the Colonial Theatre of Canaan Connecticut, dedicated to presenting quality motion pictures and other forms of cultural entertainment and to act as a catalyst for the establishment of other business enterprises in Canaan.


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P.O. Box 1243 Canaan, CT 06018
(860)435-4558 Email:


Since April 1998, over 150 local residents have joined together to save the Colonial Theatre in Canaan, Connecticut. Once the center of cultural activity in the northwest corner, it is our goal to restore this irreplaceable community resource. When the Colonial unexpectedly closed in January 1997 after 74 years of continuous operation, it's future became uncertain.

The Colonial contains a beautiful art deco large single-screen theatre, two retail stores at street level, and an expansive ballroom on the second floor!

The restoration, preservation and reopening of the Colonial Theatre will attract new enterprises to the traditional downtown business district, leading to restoration and preservation of additional historically significant buildings, and renewed life and interest in the Canaan town center.        

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